A Cry Out Of Fear

Rajes Bala

How did I get it?

I am powerful, I should not have got it,

I am powerful, up to now

I, can do and change anything

Now I can not do any thing

or I can not think clearly

My head is aching,

as some one has put my head in to a grinder,

My body is hot,

as I am drowning in boiling water

I cannot breathe, as something is in my throat,

Oh god, if you are kind,

please let me breathe

Is the virus is in me?

How did I get it?

Oh, why didn’t I close everything?

did I miss the truth of it,

when Italy was in crisis?

Now l see the staff is taking care of me,

most are here from far away,

yet, they have one aim, that is to take care of me,

the oxygen mask, the ventilator,

the monitors, the IV stands,

all seems to be aliens to me,

But the humanity around me is REAL

kindness have no prize, its pure

I realized something when I could not breath,

that is, We are nothing,

we can not challenge

against the mighty power of the nature,

I realised I will do to anything protect

to keep the harmony of nature for the future.

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