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Writing advice blog: developing your characters with a character questionnaire

Susie Helme Here are some questions to get you thinking about your Protagonist’s character. This is not to say that you should work all this info into your text—God, forbid! This is merely an exercise for you, the author, to really get deep into the mindset of your character so you can make them interestingContinue reading “Writing advice blog: developing your characters with a character questionnaire”

Writing advice blog: developing a character

Susie Helme Here are two great exercises toward developing your character: Character motivations establish the reader-character connection, and motivations reveal something about character. Examine your character’s motivations in terms of their needs by referring to Maslow’s hierarchy. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: 1. Physiological 2. Safety and security 3. Love and belonging 4. Accomplishment and self-esteemContinue reading “Writing advice blog: developing a character”

Editorial consultancy from Bounds Green member Susie Helme

Susie Helme has launched a new editorial consultancy. She says: “Every good writer needs an editor. Building on my experience in journalism and subediting and on my work with Bounds Green Book Writers, I am now offering freelance services in proofreading or developmental editing. I can edit your nonfiction work–essays, theses etc–but I would mostContinue reading “Editorial consultancy from Bounds Green member Susie Helme”


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