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Writing advice blog: One hundred wonderful metaphors

Susie Helme Susie shares her favourite metaphors from literature and film. Which will inspire you to craft some wonderful metaphors of your own? shuddered as if something multi-legged and primal had stalked across his spine[1] a man of low birth whom Providence has thrown like dice[2] feels the soft, warm parts of herself being removedContinue reading “Writing advice blog: One hundred wonderful metaphors”

Writing advice blog: Writing wondeful metaphors

Susie Helme A metaphor is a literary device, a comparison between two dissimilar things, using descriptive or figurative language, for rhetorical effect. Metaphors are a great way to add colour to your descriptions and spice up your writing. By using symbolism, they tell us more about the subject than a literal description. They create aContinue reading “Writing advice blog: Writing wondeful metaphors”


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