Four Days

Sean Chard


Living on lockdown with not much to do

The cat, the dog, the me and the you

The cat’s in poor spirits with nothing to kill

The mice are on lockdown, the birds are all ill

So we sit on the stairs and stare at the wall

We sit here and to try make sense of it all

We glance at each other in total dismay

Just stare at the wall for the rest of the day.


We created a list to catch up with our stuff

But the time on our hands has made it quite tough

We’ve left all our bits and bobs on the floor

A trail of disaster for us to ignore

Like a pair of gazelles we leap over trash

The ballet of lockdown without the panache

This dance of disorder is keeping us fit

And helping us put it all off for a bit.

Day 3

The only person I see delivers our veg

He traverses our bins, our bikes and the hedge

And places our cardboard clad veg on the floor

Knocks and then runs at full pelt from the door

At a safe distance he waves me goodbye

But as I wave back there’s a tear in my eye

Coz inside the box there’s some unwelcome news

He’s forgotten the crisps, the sweets and the booze.

Day 4

Today I do Tai-chi in front of the telly

The person on YouTube’s reducing my belly

She tells me to hug an invisible tree

While pushing an orb and breathing gently

Her skill is amazing she moves with such grace 

While my moves have landed me flat on my face

I give up the Tai-chi for something more fitting

To bend at the knees for eating and sitting.

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