Performance of a Street Mime Artist During Lockdown

Robin Knight

I am a street mime. During this time I have no existence.

During the normal course of events I exist through sight,

Through physical presence, but now, not at all.

I will repeat this verse over and over in the hope

In the hope of What? I am shrugging. Listen!

I am shrugging and I am waiting for your reaction.

I cannot exist without hope and all hope for me is

In performance, all life: in performance. The mime

(and that is an existential form referring to myself as well

As to the form) Must go on. I must go on. How to persist

in these times, when you cannot see me or be with me?

I have been eradicated. Eradicated save for presence of

Myself. The witnessing of myself, the witnessing of my mirror,

My window, my shiny kettle, my glass of water, forgotten

Yesterday but giving me life back today. Dismay. I mime

Dismay: hands up, fingers spread, head tilted, mouth downturned.

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