Imagination in Isolation – have you got a piece of Lockdown Lit in you?

We’re launching a collection of writing inspired by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everyone in the world has experienced something extraordinary during this pandemic,” says BGBW founder member Susie Helme. “Some are struggling to surmount new hardships; some are re-examining their lives and shifting their priorities. So many are experiencing the grief of losing loved ones. We are all noticing the love and caring of othersfriends, relatives and key workerswho are risking their own safety to keep us alive. One thing we all have in common is that these experiences have been happening in isolation. We have been locked up at home, and don’t really know what everyone else has been going through.”

Submissions may be short stories, poems, short articles, editorials or essays. They should be under 2,000 words and should be emailed to We’ll publish the submissions we accept in our Lockdown Lit – Imagination in Isolation pages on the site.

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