Writing advice blog: family sagas

Susie Helme I’ve recently reviewed two novels, both of which are family sagas, i.e. the tale of Protagonist’s parents, and their parents and their parents. The first used the structure you’d expect: Part I dealt with Protagonist’s father and his parents and grandparents; Part II dealt with Protagonist’s mother and her parents and grandparents; PartContinue reading “Writing advice blog: family sagas”

Writing advice blog: repetition and variation

Susie Helme I’d like to say something about repetition and variation. Repetition is one of the principles of design, and it adds balance to your work. Beginning with a certain phrase, idea or piece of dialogue and ending with a repetition of that same element is one good way to structure a short story. IfContinue reading “Writing advice blog: repetition and variation”

Writing advice blog: character voice

Elaine Graham-Leigh At our BGBW meetings, we have a regular slot where one of us does a presentation on an aspect of writing. It can be something we know we’re struggling with, something where one of us has done some thinking recently, or just a topic we’re interested in. We’ve decided we’ll start sharing these,Continue reading “Writing advice blog: character voice”